Saturday, April 11, 2009

Drum roll... Enter Stage Left... Easter Bunnies!!

TaDa! Easter Bunnies...! Oh, No... Not those chocolate varieties... but rather the real soft, plush, adorale type. Easter just wouldn't be complete at the Pet B&B without a few of these to set the tone......We have Holly (brown) and her brother Bunny (grey/white) celebrating with us... They visited us 2 years ago, their first time... One thing about bunnies... They are even more curious than cats... and equally as hilarious!

(Left) Here we have Syam (siamese), on tour again... He is not one to whittle his day away by sleeping... Goodness, No!! Not this social butterfly... He's quite the lady's man... My guess is that he saw one of these gorgeous little girls enter the space rocket and went to offer his company and assistance... Chivalry is not dead!

(Left) So nice to have Manon (white with dark tabby) back in Ottawa again... She had a brief stay, on the East Coast this winter, and has returned with her mother... We've know Manon for a number of years already... It's such a nice surprise to have her back so soon..

(Left) Diablo (grey Abysinian), or Mr. D., as I call him, is back for another holiday at the Pet B&B while his parents head to NYC for some much anticipated awesome food & sight-seeing... He's a very handsome little lad... and is quite the schmooze once he gets adjusted...

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