Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It must be springtime!... the Rhubarbs are everywhere!

(Left) Fluffy (grey/white medium hair) found the perfect BigBird2 watching spot... a foot away from his home... If you look closely at the picture you'll see a little orange/white social butterfly kitty in the background.... goes by the name of Bow.... He's resting his eyes from all of the fleeting eye movement of trying to keep up to BigBird2's flying & flitting about.... Fluffy still had a bit of energy left to continue for a while longer..

(Left) Must've been siesta time in the afternoon.... We have the 2 brothers Punkin (orange/white) and Rags ( Ragdoll far right)... Joining them is Daisy (grey/white).... This is the kitty that was attached to those legs from underneath the train car from yesterday . (That may sound dangerous... but, it wasn't!)... Rounding out our furry quartette is Trema (caramel/brown tabby).... I'm guessing that this was a well deserved rest for all involved...

(Left) Our gorgeous kitty Menou is a very familiar face at the Pet B&B... She's a bit independant with the other cats but really likes human attention... She has very pretty markings too..

(Left) Rhubarb (black short hair), sister of Frigo is almost always found curled up somewhere at ceiling height... She loves to peruse the room and keep up to date on the goings-on below.... There's a real marshallow for you!

(Left) More Rhubarb!!! Like I said, it must be spring time... This Rhubarb (black) is a male and has medium length hair...(His sister Daisy (grey/white) is pictured with her 3 friends above). Here, he's being teased by BigBird2..... 'No really. I'll stand completely still... Catch me.. if you think you can!!'

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