Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Bunnies have started to arrive..!

(Left) Zoe (grey tabby right) thought she'd climb down from the loft and see what Mimine (grey tabby left) was playing with down here... Trema (caramel/brown tabby) watches them play with the toy, from above... 'The way you had it going... I thought it was alive!... '

(Left) A colorful melange of kitties.... Luz (dark tabby) walks across the floor.. Kima (brown/black tabby) has settled on a big comfy pillow, Apostrophe (muted tortoise shell) climbs down from above and has her eyes on a little morning snack... While Kaju (solid grey) just likes to be in the center of it all.... Must not be nap time yet.. they're all still in motion...

(Left) Who can guess Charlie's second name?!?... that's right.. but, this one is none too silent... Charlie Chaplin IS a very animated little boy though! That part is right... Such a cutie!

(Left) Seeing as how Bow (orange tabby) went to all this work to come and see me... I had best fly over and say Hello... That's BigBird2 for you... always up for a little socializing... 'Come on... move in closer still... I want to see what your furry little orange toe tastes like!'

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