Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grey, white & black...

(Left) Young FDR (Siamese) has gotten so big since we last saw him a few months ago... He has at least doubled in size .... Still a very handsome little boy though.... I think I woke him up in this pic.

(Left) Olivia (grey/white tabby) just went home... She's very calm and gentle.... I'm sure that she has a ton of neighbourhood kitty friends...

(Left) Zaria, are you telling us that you'd like us to turn up the heat a little more?? She's too cute... no matter what she's wearing!

(Left) Ople (white) and George (black) take a morning flight together.... I hope Ople is the pilot.... cause our handsome boy George doesn't seem too concerned with what's out front of the airplane... Good thing Ople has it all under control.... They probably take shifts!

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