Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some mornings you just wake up on the wrong side of the car!

(Left) Abraham (dark tabby) has just awoken and contemplates getting up to use a litter box..... 'Oh, I'm sure gonna pay for this twisted neck breaking position.... I must've tossed alot last night.... This isn't gonna be pretty!'

(Left) You go Frigo!! You give those little fishies their morning workout... This big black kitty visits us often with his sister Rhubarb....

(Left) Syam (Siamese) admires our gorgeous little girl Suzie Q (tortoise shell). Syam, our ladies man, just can't help himself. 'You are just sooo pretty Suzie.... I could sit and look at you for hours!'

(Left) Ooowww! Pins & needles... Pins & needles... Pins & needles..... Oooww! When will I learn.... I think my necks asleep!!!
You'll be alright Abraham... You just need to walk it off a little.... to the boxes and back will do you good!

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