Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Saturday in April... that sounds so Spring-y!

(Left) Wilson (black) holds his pose... That's a piece of cake for this little boy.... He has an abundant supply of toes to pull that off... He and his sister Angel haven't been in to visit for a few years... Always nice to see them...

(Left) Suzie Q... hesitates a moment, waiting to see What, if anything, this leopard snake, that has landed on her head, decides to do...

(Left) Syam (siamese) has found that the phone booths, aside from being really peaceful places to curl up and sleep, offer some of the best seats in the house for BigBird1 watching....He's a quick study, this little boy!

(Left) The morning's meeting was help in the airplane on this day...In attendance were, Wally (dark tabby top), Oliver (orange tabby top), Tess (dark tabby bottom) and of course Mouse (white /grey). The little ones like to change it up every few days.... Change is Good!

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