Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look at that grass! Almost green enough to eat!

(Left) Neils (black/white) & Olaf (dark tabby) are visiting us again... Neils is one of our special needs kitties... He has diabetes. Many cats stay with us who require various medications for pretty much any and every health issue that humans have... often, they are prescibed the same medications.

(Left) Cutie Chloe (grey tabby) is back again too... She's a curious little girl with an affinity for heater grates.... She knows they come out and she has the patience to work away at them until they give in (or up!) .... Anyone visiting us during Chloe's stay will notice the peculiar sight of full paint cans, etc. over top of our floor grates.... She's a smartie!

(Left) Mommy Snowy curled up in one of our townhouses for a nap... I think this pic was taken in the Master Bedroom! She's visiting us with her daughter Ople... (also all white, but doesn't have the black dot on her nose.)

(Left) Clara (black/white) has parked her freshly painted Kitty Cab (Looks great Erin!) .... all that driving is tiring on her eyes... She knows how to recuperate in a hurry! She's in with her sister Alice... You can see Spartacat (white with orange patches) in the backgound... We'll have better pictures of him in days to come...

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