Monday, April 13, 2009

Bow's holiday schedule.... a day in the life of....

(Left) Bow (orange/white kitten) likes to start his day with a nice well rounded meal, covering all of the essential protein groups... Then (Below Left), if he has time, he likes to rest quietly to digest his breakfast... and '4-legged people watch', for a while.... He considers it even better entertainment than watching television!

(Above Right) As is always the case at the Pet B&B, one of Bow's friends will happen along (Here we have Trema stopping by), for some light conversation, banter and maybe a round or two of 'relay racing' up & down & around the play structures.... He's very conscious of his figure...! Exercise is good!

(Left) Once he's had enough of this 'taking it easy' stuff... He heads out in search of a little excitement & action... BigBird2 provides Bow with hours of that! After which, a siesta is usually in order.... Then, he restarts the whole routine again, from the top, above! Repeat 12 or 14 times... Resume the following day.... Just like people on holiday... Cats return home from the Pet B&B to sleep... Why waste valuable vacation time doing that?!?

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