Friday, April 24, 2009

It's gonna be a lip-smacking day!

(Left) Frigo (black medium haired). How was your breakfast today big guy? ' This mornings buffet was unusually good... I am still savouring the tastes!'

(Left) Kima (dark tabby). How was your breakfast today? 'I tried a new dish .. I thought it was chicken pate... but, I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't peanut butter.... I seem to be having difficulty un-sticking my tongue now!'

(Left) FDR (siamese). How was your breakast today? 'I think that I overdid it with that third helping... I seem to be having trouble keeping my eyes open now?'

(Left) Ellie (black). How are you doing today? 'I wrote a bunch of letters to my friends telling them about my holiday.... I'm guessing that I licked one too many stamps... Do I look different to you?'

(Left) Bow (orange tabby) and Winnie (black & white) were snapped deep in conversation.... We witnessed Bow stick his tongue out at Winnie... 'HaHa... I got the last few fish treats!'...
Don't worry Winnie... We have an abundant supply of treats that only seems to grow....Absolutely no danger of running out...

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