Friday, April 17, 2009

What is on this Great White Shark's mind?

This was my first conversation with any ocean dwelling species... Whales, in particular are said to hold the Akashic Records in them...kinda like the records of the Universe, past & future... So, I was interested to know this old shark's view point on where we are/they are, as a planet & race...

I had a rather sobering conversation with this very large female Great White Shark. She lives off the coast of South Africa. I asked her if she was having a good day? ' Not. Poaching, fishing. I asked if they were close? 'Sonar, tracking systems, they'll find us, no rest for us'. Why are they hunting you? 'meat, eat us, fin soup'. I asked how old she was? 'Beginning of time'. Explain? 'Before the great wars'. I asked her what she thought of man? 'Repressed. How? 'Stunted emotionally, going to fast - no time to learn from past indescretions'. I asked which particular instances she was referencing? 'War, pollution of the planet floor and sky, love - show no love for life'. Which life? 'Their own'. Explain? 'Running a collision course to each other, there are no limits, no boundaries to the pain that you cause the other. No respect for life will kill you all'.
I asked about the conditions of the oceans? 'Abnormal tides and temperatures, changing ocean floors are killing off plant and mammal life'. Which ones? 'Essential planktons, great coral barriers - reefs, snowy maridas (sounded like this.. she said they were small mammals). I asked how the changing oceans were affecting her species? 'Getting sick, disease from poison, toxins and chemicals'. I asked her what these things were doing to the Great White Sharks? 'Breaking us down, weakening the species, irrepairable damage to reproduction'. I asked about that? 'Weakening the gene line, making us weaker, not stronger'.

I asked her what she worries about? 'The planet dying, the lights go out, darkness everywhere'. What would cause such a thing to happen? 'Great tidal shifts, sun explosion, heated up to explode'. I asked what she thought could possibly cause the sun to explode? 'Infra-red explosion, nukes'. I asked her why she worries about this happening? 'You're not liking the planet at all.'

I asked her what makes her happy? 'New life, re-birth, when I'm gone'. I asked her to explain? 'I'll be glad/happy when I'm gone'. Why? 'The destruction is agonizing to watch and see. It's hard to see the race dessimated'. I asked if she had advice for humans? 'Not right what you are doing to the planet. You are responsible. All living things are counting on you to wake up and stop such destruction.'

I asked her what she dreams about? 'Walking and talking on land. Being free to go anywhere I want without being shot at/poached. Being on sand, rolling and suntanning in the wakes.' I asked if she had anything to ask me or tell me? 'When are you coming to see me? Be kind and make them stop the killing. You are not like the rest. You are one of us'. I asked her what she meant by that? 'You are caring about all life. You feel for all life. You see us as equal.' I asked her if sharks communicate by telepathy. She said 'not really'. I asked her what the other smaller sharks call her? 'Warrior Mother'. I asked if she liked that name? 'Not really, but it suits me!' I asked if she ever killed a human. She said no but that she had hurt one before, but not badly.

I asked her about her health. She said she wasn't bad. She told me she had an upper body infection and some 'soreness from a harpoon attack to back'. She let me Reiki scan her energy bodies. I picked up strong tingling all the way around her, starting from her fin to her tail. She let me Gestalt her (jump into her body essentially). Her whole body was tingly, she had a headache on her right side, there was pressure/weakness along the spine about halfway down, it was localized... I'm guessing that is where the harpoon had hit her. I didn't ask her about it. She also had tightness in both sides of possibly her gill areas, as sharks don't have lungs perse.

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