Friday, April 3, 2009

March's Art Contest Winners!

Well, We've waited all month to see what our local artists had in store for us.... The March Art Contest Challenge, if you remember, was to design a creation depicting 'Animals and Their People'..... We had many fun pictures to choose from....

(Above Left) In our 19 years and older category:
The 1st place winner is Lyn Cheng, age 26, her Charity of Choice is The Alzheimer's Society. She titled her picture 'Sunday Afternoon'.
It's very fun Lyn... I love the whole pink & blue accents... Nothing like taking the kids for a stroll... Well done..

(Left) In the 19 years and older category, 2nd place winner is Isabelle Begin, age 'over 50'... She said this picture makes her think of her husband in younger times... Very funny... I wonder which one the firemen rescued first?!

(Left) In our 18 years and under category, 1st place winner is Brady Kennedy, aged 16 years. His Charity of Choice is The Shepherds of Good Hope.
I really like it Brady. He didn't mention if this was a self portrait? At least the dogs can't hog all of the blankets this way...

(Left) In our 18 years and under category, 2nd place winner is Sonja Solice, aged 14 years. Very original idea Sonja... (check out the movie titles!)... I personally, am not a fan of video stores... just waaay too much choice... Choosing a film might be a whole lot easier if I brought one of my cats along!
Well done to all of our winners and entrants... April's Challenge will be a fun one as well : ' Animals: A Child's Perspective'.....
Don't be shy... give it a try!! You never know... It's all for a worthy cause... Over the past 4 months, so far, we've donated $1600.00 to local charities on your behalf.... Keep up the great work Ottawa!

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