Monday, June 8, 2009

Adorable & New!

Meet some of our new friends....
(Left) Odo (black/white) is quite the outgoing little lad... He 'goes out' to meet everyone, especially the pretty young girls, like Mocha (muted tortoise shell)... Odo is a bundle of energy... our girl Mocha is very sweet and a bit shy of people.. but, apparently not with Odo!

(Left) Little boy Moucia (dark tabby) is only about a year old... He can be shy with people too... but, is great with the other cats... He discovered the townhouse roof tops this weekend... Tiger (dark tabby) has staked out one of her favorite spots, inside of the townhouses... She's been in many times before, but it's Moucia's first visit...He'll be with us a number of weeks... We'll watch, as he loses his shyness and becomes an absolute schmooze!

(Left) Minette (calico) is visiting for the first time too... She gravitated towards the kitchen cupboards her first day in, Saturday... Now, we already find her running up and down the stairs... She's a bit of a talker... and very gentle.... She sends a big 'Hi' to mom in Winnipeg!

(Left) Here's another new face... This one is our girl Cleo (grey/white tabby)... She is very fond of being, and sleeping, up high... Her first days in, we would find her in the castle. After that, she spent a lot of time in the suspended spaceship.... Now, she divides her time between the spaceship and the top of the fridge... She has settled in real well.... We have many more new faces to introduce in the coming days...all are having fun on their vacations....

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