Monday, June 29, 2009

Lots of new kitties holidaying at the Pet B&B

(Right) You, and even I, would be scratching our heads for a good long while, trying to figure out a) what kind of animal this is... and b) does it have a name.... I know that this isn't a very clean intro for our gorgeous girl Lucille (dark tabby) here... It's just such an interesting picture... Here, she's found her favorite yellow pillow, very high up, just as she likes it... Almost every time that you climb the stairs to see her, she'll start by giving you a big adorable stretch, just like this.... then, she'll roll around on her back and sides, with feet in the air, til she gets all of the neck scratches that she seeks.... very sweet girl... she's visiting again with her sister Tara.

(Right) Here's a new one for ya! This handsome little boy is named Sammy (dark tabby)... He was a bit shy at first but is turning out to be quite the schmooze! Very gentle little boy! Typical male dark tabby..... loves his cuddles....

(Right) And another one! This gorgeous big girl is named Magoo.. She's a grey cat with some white markings... She is supposed to be very shy around people... she is so far, to some extent, but she certainly isn't hidden away, out of view... She's found her favorite sleeping spot, in the bottom of the kitty Cab, right in front of our big sunny windows... Good for her! She's very quiet and doesn't mind a neck rub, here and there....

(Right) And another still! This little cutie is Dharma. She's a dark tabby with lots of white... This is one extroverted kitty... I think that she would follow anyone home when she's outside.... Verrry friendly girl.... She's chosen the airplane as her favorite hangin' out spot.... so far!

(Right) This is a picture of Nickel (orange tabby) his first day in.. It's his second visit to the Pet B&B... He only stayed up high like this, his first half day... after that, he was everrryywherrrre!! Another typical male orange tabby... never far from people! Yep. He's a schmooze too!

(Right) Aries (orange tabby) has been visiting us for years, with his sister Xena.... He is usually first in line to meet any and every playful young cat that stays with us... It didn't take him long to become friends with Winter (grey/white tabby) and Newbie, Kenji (chocolate point Siamese)... Kenji is just a baby still, at 10 months, while the other 2 just play like they are!!! Lots of energy here boys & girls!!! They have a great time together...

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