Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just in case the nights are cold....

(Left) Erin's gorgeous big girl Elsa Rae, shows off the latest in Female Feline Fashion... FFF! That color is very slimming on you Elsa Rae... and looks great with your striping.... Does it come in orange??!

(Left) Not to be outdone by his sister, Winston, Erin's big boy, shows off a versatile sweater from the Male Feline Fashion (MFF) Fall Line..... Wow! Very sporty Winston!! Does it have pockets??! OK, Erin. You're next!! HFFF (Human Female Fall Fashion).. I think I'd like to see something that co-ordinates with your kitties!

(Left) Tiger isn't sporting any fashionista today.. but, she's still adorable..! This is one schmoozie kitty.... She loves to reach a paw out to grab you, and your attention, if ever you try to move away, while she's getting her neck rubs... She'll let you know when 'it's enough'... but, if she keeps out stretching her little arms in your direction.... She hasn't had enough, Yet!

(Left) Ododo.... Well, ok.. Odo (black/white)... was fishing earlier this week.... 'I tell ya... He was THIS Big! And Strong! You wouldn't believe!!! No. I had chicken that night!'... There's always your next visit Odo.... big cutie...

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