Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Gypsy' looking for her 'Forever Family'

Here is our weekly 'Cat of the Week for Adoption' brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Cat Rescue Network... Louise tells me that they have 50 kittens under 12 weeks of age currently, that are in need of permanent homes. Check out their website, listed below. They are always in need of more foster homes too.

Gypsy is a spectacular calico with a gentle nature and sweet, friendly disposition. She grew up outdoors on a farm but was always very people-friendly. She clearly wanted to be a pet. She was a kitten herself when she had her first litter and all of her kittens died. She was small and non-aggressive so she was frightened of the larger outdoor Toms and tended to hide from them. During a cold , wet spell in October 2008 she had her second litter on a plastic bag amongst the debris in a shed rather than in the warm barn with the Toms. This meant she did not have easy access to food, because she would not leave her kittens. She chose discomfort in order to keep her kittens safe. A kind person heard about her situation and decided to take her in temporarily in order to save her kittens and give her some care and attention. She was frightened when he placed her day old kittens in a carrier but did not run away and allowed herself to be put in with her kittens. She did not complain during the ride to her foster home. When the carrier door opened, Gypsy was in a warm room, that had a soft comforter in a suitcase. There was plenty of food and water and, above all, she was safe. She spends most of time with her kittens, two calico, two orange tabby, a tortoiseshell and a tuxedo, only taking a break when the people come to visit. Then she comes to greet them, and walks around their legs. She enjoys the attention and has a very healthy appetite. She clearly enjoys being an indoor pet
Cat Rescue Network
Ottawa, ON

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