Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy June 1st Everyone!

(Left) I was taking pictures of all my little furry friends yesterday morning... while I tried to get a clear picture of Olaf, who was up in the tunnels... I backed up slightly to get a fuller screen... That's when I had a little furry Miko (tortoise shell) face head butt my shoulder from behind... She had been sleeping in the hay bails. When she saw me with the camera, she decided to come out and pose for us... Such a cutie!

(Left) This big black kitty's name is Guiness.... He's stopping with us for a couple of weeks... Although he's truly loving his new little 2 legged sister at home, he's quite enjoying hanging out with his 4 legged friends again.... He turns into a kitten when he's at the Pet B&B.... very gentle & playful boy!

(Left) Norman (dark tabby) didn't need any time to adjust this visit... This picture was taken about half an hour after he arrived on Friday... It's only his 2nd time in... He remembered all of his favorite places in no time.... He looks a lot like a much smaller version of Abraham...

(Left) This is the picture of Olaf (dark tabby) that I was trying to get, when Miko,shown above, nudged me from behind... Olaf has been coming in for years, but this is his first time being in the group.. He used to keep his brother Neils, a diabetic, company in an individual room... Olaf has always wanted to join the group and do all of the things that he could see his friends doing... He's having a very good time and getting tons of exercise... by the end of the day, he's toast! Pillow Please... and just wake me in the morning!

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