Friday, June 12, 2009

More Ottawa Cats doing 'Cat Stuff'

(Left) Olaf (dark tabby floor) was quite interested in Burt (dark tabby bunk beds), when they met earlier... Olaf goes home tomorrow... Male dark tabbies, such as these two, are generally very friendly and social with people and other cats... a small portion of the male dark tabbies can be extremely shy and nervous... but, for the most part their personalities are similar to Olaf & Burt's...Can you say 'shmoozie'!!?

(Left) There's our little cutie Moucia (dark tabby) again... Earlier, we found him hanging out on the town house roofs... He's getting adjusted to his environment.... You never know where you'll find him now!

(Left) Jade (white) shows all of the Newbie's how to get into the airplane... 'This is the fastest way in.... otherwise, you can climb up onto the roofs of the Kitty Cabs and jump up onto the lower level of the plane.... then, you can crawl through this same opening, to get your self onto the top deck....'
Thanks Jade.. That was very helpful..! She likes to give hourly demonstrations.... as well.

(Left) In the 'Where's Waldo' vein... 'Where's Kissa'? Yes, our big orange and white tabby Kissa, is back in for another visit.. He does blend in rather well with our big Cat Trax Tractor... doesn't he! He, like most other orange male tabbies, is a pleasure to be around....

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