Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Girls, girls, girls and girls! Ottawa Girls!

Let me present a few more of our gorgeous female weekenders....
(Left) First, we have Tyra (grey/white tabby)... A big marshmallow kitty... She, and her sister, Pippi, have vacationed with us many times, over the years now... Always fun to see them again...Very affectionate little girls..

(Left) Adorable Lily (dark tabby) has spent a number of weeks with us over the past 6 months... She's a lot of fun... loves to give BigBird1 a work out... We have so many dark tabbies in this week... everyone is doing great!

(Left) I took this picture of my Gorgeous Girl Gingko (Marie).... the day that she arrived... She's a bit nervous when there are too many people about, on the floor, but she is very good with the other cats... and, is almost always down at ground level, when the 2 legged's aren't around.... She's a special one!

(Left) Cleo, be careful that you don't fall!... I know that I keep repeating myself, but you keep doing those summersaults, when we're passing out the neck scratches, and you make me a bit nervous that you'll forget that you are suspended way up in the air like that.... She is a funny little girl... She also likes the camera!

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