Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are Ottawa's Cats getting Cuter??

(Right) Handsome Prince is joining us for the first time. He's quite curious about the other cats but tends to steer clear of most humans... He's a very gentle big boy.... A small percentage of black & white cats are shy by nature and prefer to hide in a favorite spot when people are milling about.

(Right) Tara (grey tabby) is back in for another visit with her sister Lucille... This is Tara sitting in her favorite spot.. on the stair structure, at the top of the 2nd floor staircase... From here, she can see everyone that comes & goes... We have a few regular grey kitties that love this spot.....

(Right) It's naptime in the indoor/oudoor area.... Far top, we have Gingko (black) getting ready for her snooze... Our little grey cutie is named Ella... She can be a very busy little girl.... Loves attention and is real curious.... On the lower bunk, we have Riley again, (orange/white)... This has become his new sleeping spot.... All three are doing great..

(Left) Here is a picture of both brothers, Joey & Darwin... Darwin has the dark nose... that's how I tell them apart... Once they know you, they are your friends for life... they're very affectionate and will follow you for more attention..

(Left) Who else could it be?? Moe is teaching us more Mo-ga... This is a new 'Balance Posture' that he has come up with.... 'I think we should stand on the rounded top of the airplane, 6 feet off of the ground... On the count of 3, OK?!'.... Actually. I think I'd really prefer to try this on a chair instead Moe.... I don't think my balance is up to your standards... yet! But, Maybe if I tried it!?! Nah, I'll take a pass... thanks. I hope he doesn't flunk me!

(Left) This is a typical Riley pose.... Is he too cute or what?! Orange tabby... That sums it all up!

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  1. Prince is a beauty! He looks a lot like Friskie