Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some of the kitties that we're hangin' with this week...

(Left) Cleo (dark tabby) just went home after a few weeks with us... Her new friend Stan (black) has decided to join her in the rocket... Stan has visited us before.. He's usually found, very high up, not down near the floor like this... I guess he just wants to be closer to Cleo! She is a charmer!

(Left) Jade (white) visited us one other time already.. This is one gentle kitty.. She's a mommy & daddy's girl.... verrry affectionate when you're passing out the neck & tummy rubs... Many solid white cats are deaf... but, not our girl Jade... We do however have a few solid white cats that visit us, that are deaf... even the deaf cats do really well in the group environments...

(Left) You've seen Thor (orange tabby) before... You may not recognize his brother Tyler though, below, (grey/white tabby, blue eyes)... Thor is one of our diabetic kitties.. he's a typical orange marshmallow.... a real social butterfly... His brother Tyler is a bit shy but very sweet.

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