Saturday, June 6, 2009

Even More Ottawa Cat Cuteness!

(Left) There's my little Bustie Bear... well, Buster really. He just went home after another stay with us.. He's a gorgeous big orange boy.. I'll bet he's outside playing in the trees right now, as we speak....

(Left) When our 2 tone purple play structure lost it's home, on the other side of the play group, it landed itself right in front of BigBird2... This is our shy big boy, Moustique (grey/white), that ventured out to take a closer look... And, Erin has discovered, that if you can't find him, but want to, you just need to shake a package of cat treats... never fails!

(Left) Our adorable little kitten, Tal (dark tabby), has already gone home, but I told her mom that I still had some cute pictures of her that I'd like to post.. this is one... ' Oh, My God!... Whew! I thought I had just taken a bite out of my very own tail!!' Whew! That was close... I gotta get these hunting instincts of mine under control!..That could've been real bad!'

(Left) Olaf (dark tabby) climbs a tree, in our carpeted tree forest... 'Just stay there Stanley (black), I'm on my way up. You don't need to come down... I'm already half way there anyway..'

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