Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Ottawa Cats! Take 2!

(Left) Look out Aries (orange), here comes Squeakie (grey/white tabby).... She can be very quiet, and just appear out of no where... These 2 cuties really like height... Aries is visiting us with his sister Xena again... Squeakers is visiting us with her brother Blinkie again... We have many brother & sister combos in this week...

(Left) Oh Sparky! I didn't mean to interrupt your quiet lie-in with your big furry friend Tiger... You both looked so peaceful and happy... You were breathing so subtly, with the occasional twitchy feet.... you must've been off playing in the universe somewhere... Your friend though, doesn't move much at all....

(Left) More brother & sister duos..... Our handsome grey & white kitty is named Timor... His sister Tamarind is a luxurious chocolate brown color... an Asian breed, I believe... We must get clarification from mom & dad.. Tamarind was still a bit shy in this weekend picture... but, not anymore... She loves to roll on her back with the tummy showing... Timor never was shy... It is their first visit to the Pet B&B... Both are adjusting very easily.

(Left) This is a typical Ella (solid grey) picture.. She knows how to make 'calm, cool & relaxed' look easy.... She went home yesterday... Wow, how time flies... She's a curious little one...very adorable..

(Left) Antone (dark tabby/white) took a short stroll around to introduce himself to all of the new kitties.. He's a big plush marshmallow boy... He loves attention and has an amazing soft coat..

(Left) Blinkie (dark tabby/white) is the brother of Squeakie (above).. Blinkie is definitely the shyer of the 2, but they are both so gentle... He loves to hang out in the lower kitchen cabinets... with his other shy play mates... He's less shy this time already, than he has been on his previous visits.. They do have fabulous memories...regardless of what many people believe...

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