Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yah! Sunshine...

(Left) This is a much nicer picture of Felix... He can be shy by nature, but once he's accustomed to his environment, you often find him stretched out in front of the window like this... He lives out side of the city... I know that he loves to roam the open fields near his home...

(Left) There's our girl Noella (black/white) again.... In her typical, one arm extended pose, chit-chatting with BigBird2, for hours.... ' I could just reach out, touch you, and hold you in my white furry paws, my little feathered friend!'

(Left) Isis (siamese) is back for her second visit.... She has settled into her favorite spot.... the very personal, only-enough-room-for-one, top level of this treehouse.. This is the first place that I look for her in the morning.....

(Left) Cookie (muted tortoise shell), I see you looking at me with that one, half-open eye of yours! 'If I just stay real still, maybe she'll think that I'm sleeping and take that camera away from here... I don't like being caught on tape with 'bed-head'! Would you?

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