Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Princes & Princesses!

(Left) Erin discovered this week, that Pogo (black/white), is part Labrador Retriever.... You can throw the tinest, to a much larger toy, and this little guy will bring it back to you, and drop it right in your hand.... He's visiting us again, after living out west for a couple of years... but, this time, he's not alone.... He now has a little orange brother, Puma, who you will see soon.... Both boys, are little 'fire crackers'.... Watch them fly! They had a great time playing with Suzie (tortoise shell)... She just went home yesterday... Her friends will miss her...

(Left) This handsome fawn colored tabby is called Darwin... He is quite shy with new people, but once he knows you a bit, he's very agreeable and gentle....

(Left) As Suzie (tortoise shell) makes herself completely comfortable, all sprawled out on the top of our glass playstructure... Mocha (muted tortoiseshell), below, is a little nervous to have Suzie, right there, up close and personal... It took Suzie a while to realize that Mocha was there... it didn't change her plans though... She stayed put, and both girls returned to looking out our big front windows... the view is fab from up there..!

(Left) Kicia (dark tabby) was too cute in this picture... I think Erin took it.. When I downloaded it, and saw it for the first time... all I could think, was that we got Kicia 'out of the shower'.... 'Yes. Is it desperately important?!Do you mind coming back in 5 minutes?!? I'm dripping all over the floor here!' Take your time big girl... You'll never be rushed here, at the Pet B&B!

(Left) Yes. It's Moucia again (dark tabby).... It's so much fun to see the shy kitties lose their fear of people &/or strangers... We're very proud of our boy Moucia.. I can't imagine how confident he's gonna be in a few more weeks time, when he goes back home... Mom & Dad just might have to get a 2nd cat!

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