Monday, June 22, 2009

Ottawa Cats - Summer Day 1

(Left) This is our gorgeous girl Ginny (black)... She will be spending a good deal of the summer with us this year. She is a very confident, schmoozie big girl.... and this, is one of her favorite pillows.... I'm sure that you will see a whole lot more of her in the weeks to come..

(Left) The gang's all here... We had so many playful little kitties in this weekend... and week... Pogo (black/white) and Gunther (dark tabby), you already know from last week... Trema (medium haired brown/black tabby) and his sister Apostrophe, (muted tortoise shell) are back in for their 2nd visit... These 4 played very well together.... but, they weren't the only ones....!
Erin has been busy painting up our purple play structure that the cats sit on, to watch BigBird2... Very groovy!!! I'm lovin' it!

(Left) This big handsome boy is Kuzia (dark tabby, medium hair)...It's his 2nd visit to the Pet B&B... He looks a lot like our other friend Abraham, who went home a couple of weeks ago.... It's good to see Kuzia adjusting so well..He isn't a huge 'people' cat, but he is already much more social than he was his first visit, many months ago.. He knows he's safe now!

(Left) We have many new black and whites in this week.... This big cutie is named Mac... He really likes height and lots of attention.. It's his first stay with us.. He's doing great...He's a big solid boy...pound per pound of cuteness...!

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