Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some more of our 'First Timers'!

(Left) There's our gorgeous girl Minette again. She loves to move about... Just call her name, and she appears... She has discovered the airplane... She goes home today.. It was great fun having her stay with us..

(Left) Paco (silver tabby) is visiting us for the first time with his brothers Hermes (flame point Ragdoll) and Zorro (Charcoal black Persian), below.... Paco & Hermes are absolute extroverts... our handsome boy Zorro, is quite shy around people but, when you catch him, he loves his neck rubs just like his brothers....The three are very gentle natured... BigBird1 has been busy entertaining each of them...It's a full time job!

(Left) Zorro still runs away, some of the time, when he sees you approach, but not nearly as much as he did his first couple of days in... He's getting quite used to us... and, he's completely fine with the cats..

(Left) Barney (calico) is having her first vacation with us at the Pet B&B... She's another cat that loves her neck scratches... She's not so adventurous yet, but is really sweet and gentle... and, she loves our big Selenite (white) stone, to her left.. It is very soothing for the shy cats.... and, they know it!

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