Friday, June 5, 2009

Ottawa's very own Cat Stars!

(Left) Vegabond (white/dark tabby), Cow (black/white) and our handsome little boy Mimi (orange tabby), in the background... were enjoying the beautiful sunny afternoon... from their favorite resting spots...

(Left) Jade (white) is taking advantage of the sunshine too... she's parked her little kitty cab right in front of the windows... she amuses herself by watching the little flying critters outside, play in our window flower boxes.... every once in a while, we get a hummingbird visit.... I have seen a room full of sleeping cats, jump to life instantly, and dash to the window, when a hummingbird flitted about, outside of our windows.... The hearing on these guys must be specially tuned to 'hummingbird frequency'!

(Left) Oh Guiness (black), you're too funny! 'How about know, can you see me? Guiness popped his head, upside down, through the opening, between the two levels of the airplane's wings.... 'Kinda like that Kris Angel guy, no!? I'll bet that I could even walk through walls, with a little practice!' Keep trying Guiness.. I know it's possible!!

(Left) Mr. Olaf (dark tabby) has discovered the tractor... the 'new and improved' tractor, that is.. Yes. Erin has been at it again.... I love it! It's almost time to fire it up and get out there in them there fields..... and, my favorite season, strawberry pickin time! Ya, I'm a county girl!

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