Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All shy kitties welcome!

(Left) Our handsome big boy Menou (white/dark tabby) loves to watch BigBird from atop the tall red phone booth. He can be a bit shy around people but he loves birds! This is one of his favorite hang outs.... He sends a big Salut! to his folks in the sunny south....

(Left) Two more of my handsome friends..... Eugene (orange tabby) and Spike (black/white) met for the first time this week. These two boys are playful, friendly and well socialized with other cats... They seem to have a common interest in flying airplanes...

(Left) There's an adorable little girl for you.... Coco... or Coco Puff, as I call her... can look shy until you approach her and start to talk to her.... then, she turns into a head-butt-er extrordinare... Just you try to leave after she starts with that!

(Left) Another of my shy gorgeous girls... Katie (white) is tricky to see in such a white cupboard.... she's adorable and gentle.... You need to be quiet and still, if you want to see her 'out & about'.... She's not real big on a lot of commotion.... She's only visiting for a few days this time. Always great to see you Katie.

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