Friday, April 9, 2010

I spy.....

(Left) I thought that Romeo's mom might get a kick out of this picture... I was lined up for a nice clean shot of Apostrophe (muted tortoise shell), sitting beside BigBird2's house, on the floor, when out of no where.... Yes.. like a boomerang... came little Romeo... again. Unfortunately, his furry little face obscured a lot of the light, for the pic. Sorry about that Apostrophe... I couldn't resist.

(Left) Where there's Romeo, there's sure to be Maman (grey/white tabby). This little cutie needs to see and/or, be a part of the action... and, there was plenty of that this past weekend. Looked like I missed a real good party, when I came in on Tuesday morning. They must've waited for my return visit, Monday evening, before they broke out the party favours... Those were some pretty tired looking kitties Tuesday morning... I guess, just like us, you want to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of your vacation... right to the last night before you go home again. You can always sleep once you get home. Right?!

(Left) Frigo (black) and his sister Rhubarb, are goofy kids too. Just like baby Cajsa, when you call their name, or approach them, you are welcomed with some version of 'this'.... These are real friendly kitties... and very playful.

(Left) Oh boy. More playful little ones. Odo (black/white) wanted to hang out around Ginny (black), and yet, close enough to BigBird2. It really was a black & white weekend.. Black cats upstairs & lots of white cats on the main floor... I had a few black & white cats, peppered in, for flow....

(Left) Zaria (white) was at risk of being over thrown, as the queen of the tree castle... Little baby Cajsa (black/white), even with those little legs, is quite good at launching herself up my trees, in record time... Zaria decided that she wasn't ready to be dethroned, just yet, and Cajsa gracefully backed her way down the carpeted tree. No harm in trying... eh Cajsa. You know what they say. If you don't ask, the answer will always be NO.

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