Friday, April 30, 2010

Countdown to May....

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Tutti (dark tabby) arrived yesterday for her 2nd visit. She is settling in very nicely. To the back of the room, we have our handsome boy Affe. He's the brother of Picasso, below. Affe isn't really shy, but so far is content to watch and learn.... Tutti of course, remembers the whole place. There are some new features for her to explore since her last visit.

(Left) So many dark tabbies visiting this week. This adorable big boy just arrived this morning. Picasso & his brother Affe, above, are Pet B&B newbies.... It didn't take Picasso long to introduce himself to BigBird1. This is one friendly, social kitty. You would think that he's already a regular around here. He is more outgoing than his brother Affe, so far, but both boys are doing great.

(Left) Abby (grey, lower) and Tommy (grey/white, top) have had ample time to explore their whole new surroundings. These laid back kitties love attention and are big talkers.... Abby talks almost as much as my birds do today, since I installed their new bird toys inside of their houses... It's shaping up to be a fun weekend.... Still a few more to arrive today....

(Left) My adorable Tessie Wessie (dark tabby) just left minutes ago... We had lots of fun together.. Big, big changes for this girl & her folks in the coming month.... Exciting stuff Tess! New properties to explore, new friends to make..... Lucky girl! You'll have to tell us all about it when we see you next time.

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