Monday, April 19, 2010

Dust cloud or not... the fun goes on!

(Left) This adorable little girl is named Calypso (black). She looks like & is just as playful, as another of my current black kitties, Eclipse. Calypso has the white tufts of fur in her ears though. They both love hanging out in the airplane too. Calypso is visiting us again with her sister Coco. Both girls are doing great.

(Left) These two adorable Siamese kitties, Skye (lilac point, right) and his new little sister Sophie (chocolate point, left) are 'getting into the groove' now.. They were both a bit shy over the weekend. Skye has visited on a couple of previous occasions. It's our first time to meet Sophie though. I snapped them up this morning, after most of the other cats had already settled for their morning naps. I expect that they will get more adventurous as each day progresses. These are cuddly people kitties...

(Left) Parker (white/orange) and his new buddy Suzie (tortoise shell, right) love being up high on the stair structure. I took this picture this morning. As I type, Parker has sunk himself into my big yellow pillow, as he likes to do for snoozin... Suzie loves to play with the other cats and makes her way around the rooms, all day long. She is currently on the top of the airplane, doing a big 'clean up'. They are a couple of cuties.

(Left) Just call 'Javert'! (white/dark tabby) ... and he'll answer you, with his very distinct voice.... works almost every time.... Javert and his brother Spencer are visiting once again. This handsome little guy is as playful and goofy as ever. The boys wish their dad Good Luck today in the marathon.... 'Don't break a leg Dad!'

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