Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bella & Bambina looking for their Forever Homes....

Since they were brought in from the outside in November 2009, Bella and Bambina have changed from being frightened starving ferals, to becoming playful happy cats who sleep on their foster's bed. They are an inseparable mother/daughter duo, and even though little Bambina has long been weaned, these two are inseparable. They play together, eat together and cram into the tightest places - just to sleep together.They are still quite shy with people, and are looking for gentle patient humans who would play with them and love them.Bella & Bambina are both sleek kitties with shiny black coats, with a tiny tuft of white on their chests. And, they have big green eyes.
If you wish to adopt this dynamic duo please contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613) 820-7088 or via email,, or take a tour of the website at to see other sweet cats waiting for a forever home.

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