Saturday, April 3, 2010

Neck scratches anyone!?

(Left) There's my big Cisco kid (dark tabby). It's great to see him so perky and happy. He recently had a bit of a health scare, so it's great to see that he has made such a strong recovery. We were thinking good thoughts for you big guy.... This handsome big boy loves his neck scratches & his new treats. I knew we'd see you again Cisco!

(Left) Oh Chloe (dark tabby/white).... could you get any cuter?! This chatty miss is right at home on her big cushy pillow... way up on the top bunk, in the clouds.... She's visited the Pet B&B on a few other occasions and gets more 'at home' each time. She's such a little belly flasher....Yes, you are!

(Left) You kinda have to zoom in on the picture to see all of my friends here.... That's my little Ododo Bean (black/white) on the end of the airplane. Odo is having a great holiday weekend with his buddies Monk (black), peeking out of the airplane window... and, Apostrophe (muted tortoise shell), whose sitting on the staircase, towards the back of the picture. These are 3 goofy kitties.... always up for a little Easter fun...

(Left) There's my gorgeous girl Magoogoo... (grey/white). Magoo has visited before in 2009. She's a shy big girl and will usually find her 'safe' space. She's getting used to me and my kennel now... and looks forward to her neck scratches. She sends a big Happy Anniversary to her folks in the sunny south.

(Left) Lots of white kitties in right now too. This adorable girl is named Tuco. This is another of my repeat charges... She's spending a lot of time in the big red phone booths, with Mr. Bitts... as well as inside of the tractor's engine..... (Not as bad as that sounds!). She is another girl that loves attention and neck scratches....

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