Thursday, April 22, 2010

I thought a 'Bird Bath' was a Thing...not a spectator sport.

(Left) Well. Since the gangs all here....I may as well 'put on a show'.... Right BigBird2!? Everyone loves bath time.... just as much as BigBird does. We have a couple of black cats & a couple of Siamese... On the counter, at left, is Calypso, watching the action. On the floor, watching Sophie, is Eclipse (black). Climbing up that red scratching post is Sophie (chocolate point Siamese). Her big brother Skye (lilac Siamese), has moved in for the closest view. Eclipse has a blast playing with brother & sister Skye & Sophie. Good thing that they have another week+ together. The three should be properly exhausted by the time everyone returns home.

(Left) My boy Javert (white/dark tabby) just went home with his brother Spencer, below. Suzie (tortoise shell) is making time for each of her new friends. This little furry 'butterfly girl' is also having a great time with the playful trio above. We'll wait to see if mom gets her flight out today, finally.....

(Left) Yes, it's Eclipse (black) again. This time, he's helping Peppy (black/white), help BigBird2 with his morning bath. It's looking a bit like they're getting a bath too.... Our feathered friend loves to 'dry off''.... all over the spectators.... Who said birds don't have a sense of humour!

(Left) Hi Spencer.... This handsome orange tabby is often found in the kitchen cupboards snoozing... When mom & dad came for the boys this week... he made a quick dash to the back room & squeezed himself into one of the tree houses... when we opened the shutter, we found him sandwiched in there with Skye & Coco.... Coco didn't mind, but I don't think that Skye was expecting company so fast like that... He decided to exit via one of the treehouse windows and perched himself on the carpeted tree branch...

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