Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are those Wedding Bells that I hear??

(Left) Here we have a couple of adorable grey siblings... Our handsome big boy Tommy (grey/white), on the front of the airplane & his gorgeous sister Abby (grey) are visiting the Pet B&B for the first time. These kids want to send out a big 'Congratulations' to their mom & dad today, on their Big Day! We aren't there with you... but we are! These two are social, playful and sooo cute.

(Left) There aren't very many kitties going home this week... but, we do have many more joining us, as the week progresses. The pirate boat was the place to be yesterday afternoon..... The handsome black & white to the right, is Spike... In the middle, is Tessie (dark tabby/white).. and there's Felix (dark tabby) again, staking his claim to the big pile of clean laundry... looks like I'll need to wash it again today.... I'll just be faster about making the beds this time.

(Left) You need a 'Sky Cam' to keep track of my little boy Skye (lilac Siamese).... Between him & his little sister Sophie, I'm sure that they've covered every square inch of B&B 'terrain'....especially the high bits! They must have little invisible knee & shoulder pads on... cause they explore with such ease & confidence... 'Hi' to the family!

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