Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Neck Scratch Central...

(Left) Mr. D... aka Diablo (grey abysinnian) is always so helpful with sorting the clean laundry, each time that he visits. He's keeping busy playing with, chasing and catching my pink fuzzy wand cat toy. Once he gets to know you, he welcomes neck and belly scratches, on a regular basis. He's got a very gentle heart.

(Left) This my girl Livie..... Gorgeous girl Olivia (grey/white tabby) is most often found up here on top of the red phone booths.... but, not always... She will venture down to the top of the big blue school bus, or she'll jump down to the lower bridges, just low enough so that I can give her neck scratches... She's a cutie.

(Left) My girl Tuco (white) is the last of my white kitties that visited my B&B over the past many weeks. She'll be with us a while longer but is getting excited to see her family again and to go outside once more. She's very sweet.

(Left) I had so many cats pick-up yesterday, my large outdoor room is filled with girls right now. The only boy in the place today is Diablo... until tomorrow, that is... when Dimitri joins us for an extended visit. In the meanwhile, this adorable Carabelle (dark tabby) and her sister Leanna, are two, of the many dark tabbies that I am spending my day with.... Carabelle loves her neck scratches... You probably could guess that from this picture... They just arrived yesterday and have both settled in famously. Too cute Carabelle!

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