Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Monday Ottawa!

(Left) Miss Mew (orange/white tabby) keeps a keen eye out the window lest another one of those Easter Bunnies should happen by... Her mom was very surprised when I told her that Miss Mew has been very well behaved.... only a little cranky with the other cats, otherwise.... she's been quite the flirt for attention.... Same goes for her 'shy' brother Mr Bitts... They are both doing famously.... and are looking forward to seeing their folks again in a few days...

(Left) Bella (dark tabby) seems to have made fast friends with my 'stuffed' visitors.... She has always loved this lower bunk bed when she visits. She recognizes many of her old friends and acquaintances. She, like all of the other outdoor kitties, are excited by the amazing warm weather that we are already experiencing...

(Left) Quick! Take the picture! Romeo (dark tabby) is actually sitting still long enough to take a picture. OK, forget it! I only got the one. Let's hope it turned out! This little boy will venture out of his favorite kitchen cabinets. Once he knows that you see him, he becomes a leg appendage.... You can pick him up and place him somewhere, or on something, in an effort to get a clean shot of him.... but, like an elastic band.... he bounces right back, and sticks to your legs....and, he's fast! Such a handsome little lad. That's his sister Catou (white/dark tabby) in the window.

(Left) Mirette (calico) loves to pose for the pictures too. My little tiger has settled in nicely. She's met about 90% of these Easter feline guests before.... We will see her again before long. Once she gets adjusted, she can be such a little suck up.... Too cute Mirette.

(Left) Another of my gorgeous girls... Toto (grey/white) is B&Bing again. I've known her for a number of years already. She's gentle and calm. She likes to watch the other cats being crazy but can be a bit shy... She prefers to watch rather than join in. She hopes that her folks are having a wonderful trip catching up with all of the family.

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