Monday, April 12, 2010

Not the Rat Pack, not the Brat Pack... You got it! The Cat Pack!

(Left) There's a better picture of Zaria (white). When she's not climbing trees, she's usually found in her favorite hot air balloon. And, if things are whizzing by, as she reclines in her private balloon... even better!

(Left) Rhubarb & Frigo are usually sharing the big top pillow. These two are easy to please. They are friendly and affectionate, yet they are very content to 'do their own thing' too.

(Left) Kenji (chocolate pt siamese) and Bogart (black) got on just fine. Kenji's brother Monk, looks like a smaller version of Bogart. They both have a greyish maine & undercoat that comes through all of that black fur. It was Bogart's first visit to the B&B.

(Left) Trema (dark tabby) and her sister Apostrophe, went home after Easter. Their mom didn't know that the girls love to be up high. Not many cats get the chance to climb to these heights, at home. It's often surprising to people to see how their cats behave in a new environment.

(Left) Odo (black/white), on the top bunk... and Monk (black), on the lower bunk, play real well together. They have met on previous occasions, with similar results... Monk's brother Kenji, usually joins in too. They also had fun with Trema.

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