Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sun Shiny Day....

(Left) Another of my Newbies.... This gorgeous little black & white girl is named Peppy. BigBird2 is having fun introducing himself to her. She's very sweet and playful. She will have a ball once Skye and his new little sister Sophie arrive later this week. Peppy is having fun checking out the spaceship and rocket.

(Left) There's my adorable girl Janie Bean (dark tabby).... Most of the time, I get pictures of Jane over near BigBird's house, curled up on the bunks or on the chair. I guess this mornings sunshine was calling her louder than BigBird was. She wants her mom to know that it's going to be a real warm day in Ottawa. She hopes that she's staying warm up north.

(Left) Charlie Chaplin (black/white, on bus) was being very playful with me and for the camera. He was showing off a little bit, having fun, when little baby Cajsa (black/white, basket) saw him rolling around down there. She watched him for a second, but then he started wriggling around on his back and flailing his tail around.... Well! That was just a little too much activity for little Cajsa. Surely, THAT was an invitation to jump down and play with Charlie.

(Left) If you click on this pic, you'll see Cajsa's big excited eyes.... just before she launched herself out of the balloon, with the speed of a little firecracker, that she is.... and landed squarely on Charlie, who was oblivious to her, because he'd been playing with me. I could see her eyes, and knew what she was going to do.... but alas, my camera shutter wasn't moving at 'firecracker' speed... and, by the time Cajsa landed on Charlie, they both flew off the bus, in different directions, and I ended up with a nice empty shot of the top of the bus..... What do you mean you didn't want to play!?!

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