Monday, April 26, 2010

Ottawa Cats on a gorgeous sunny day!

(Left) So, after Diablo went home, the townhouse laundry was rewashed.... as the story goes, either the door bell rings or the phone... and, I come back to find a very cozy kitty curled up in it's soft warmth.... Stage left, in walks Felix (dark tabby). This handsome big boy has been B&Bing with his buddies for many years... He's a playful one...

(Left) Not only am I extremely handsome.... but, just look at all of my extra toes! Each toe.... cuteness x 2! This is Lucky (black/white)... It's his second visit. His mom is considering getting him a little brother or sister..... He's quite sure that he would not enjoy that..... OK Lucky. I'll pass it on!

(Left) Oh Suzie. You too cute!! Another of my little tree huggers.... Suzie Q. (tortoise shell) is rather young and playful. She, like her good girl friends Zaria & Tessie, is an excellent climber too... She'll be spending the next few weeks with us.

(Left) My little Coco Puff (dark tabby) and her sister Calypso just went home a short while ago. Little Puffie and Clipper had a great time 'swinging from the chandeliers....' Coco is a bit shy of new people but very friendly and social with the other kitties... Clipper just loves everyone...

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