Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20! Already!

(Left) Dimitri (orange tabby) was just finishing up his breaky and cleaning the whiskers.... before settling into his favorite comfy cozy pillow.... We aren't sure how long he'll be with us this stay... Some of it may depend on that now famous dust cloud.... He always does great when he's in. He likes to stick to his daily routines.... and favorite spaces. He prefers drinking from the tap over drinking from a bowl.

(Left) We'll see how that volcano acts, later this week. I guess there is a chance that our adorable little Peppy (black/white) may be staying a few days longer. No need to worry mom... We'll just add another fishy to the pot, if it comes to that! This little cutie is doing great. I snapped her up having a snooze inside of the rocket.

(Left) Suzie (tortoise shell, top) and Eclipse (black, lower) are good playmates... They are often seen together in the plane, teasing and being goofy with each other. I'm guessing that Suzie's mom must have gotten her flight over seas... Eclipse is sure happy that she's staying a while.

(Left) Is this classic MoeMoe (black/white)... or what?! This little boy loves the camera... and my ferris wheel. He and Gunther are doing great as usual... The boys are having a nice long visit with us this time. I like having my camera handy when Moe gets into his crazy moods... You never know what he'll do next.... He aims to surprise!

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