Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are Ottawa Cats getting cuter!!

(Left) Juliette (tortoise shell) is back for another stay, in her favorite castle... Mon petit hibou, as I call her, is a regular guest at the Pet B&B. She is an independant, curious little girl. I love her markings... especially the stripe down her nose.

(Left) Kuzia (dark tabby) does his morning floor work out... You got it. He can be a ham too! He is not the most approachable cat, when he first comes in, but he warms up rather nicely. We will be seeing quite a lot of him in the months to come.

(Left) Schrodinger (black & white) was snapped mid grooming session. He is a big handsome kitty. I love the picture. He looks like he belongs in a Lazy Boy chair with a converter beside him. Another of my KittyPeople... My big SchroRo is a complete schmooze.

(Left) Darwin (orange tabby) is no stranger to the Pet B&B either. He is a shy, gentle big boy and stays out of the spot light as much as possible. He can be very affectionate, just the same.... on his terms... and, that is fine with me.

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