Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gizmo goes 'Side saddle'

(Left) Gizmo (grey/white) is one of my camera's favorite muses.... He loves to take a pose and he'll even hold it long enough for you to get a clean shot.... so many of my furries move around so much with the camera... you end up with a bunch of action shots. I caught him yesterday, enjoying the beautiful sunshine that was streaming in on him....

(Right) You've heard of the 'Headless Horseman'.... what would this make my little Gizmo?!

(Left) 'Oh, OK! I'll put my head through!' He said.... You too funny Gizzie Wizzie!

(Left) Ok. So who among my regular readers will recognize this pose.... Yes. You got it! It IS Sweetie (Siberian). This is one of his most recognizable looks.... I think it would be fitting to put this picture on his little Kitty Passport.... rather than a straight face shot... I am sure his mom would agree....

1 comment:

  1. You kitty Sweetie, looks almost identical to my kitty, Kitty-Kitty(yes that's his real name!) you have an awesome playland for the sweaties!!! all we have is a catscratching post where Kitty kitty can jumpup to the second story and laydown with his HUGE belly falling through the center hole! he does the same poses as you cat too! all crazy cats think alike thoughts ... or is that all alike cats think crazy thoughts?!?!? keeping up with the kitty crazyness...