Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So many helpers this week!

(Left) Luzzie! You are such a busy little girl, it's rare to see you sitting still.... Luz (dark tabby) is having fun with some of her new friends Parker & Chewbaca.... She loves the camera! She can be busy doing something, and, once she sees you holding the camera, will make a very funny, cute movement, that would be akin to a girl tossing her head and long hair back, then giving you a flirty, coy smile. Very funny little Luzzie!

(Left) Jane (dark tabby) was kind enough to help me sort all of the clean bedding and pillow covers, the same day that she arrived, Monday. She went straight back to her favorite bunk bed, within minutes of arriving, for this, her second visit. She's a chatty little girl and has the most gorgeous green eyes.

(Left) Here she is. This is little Chablis (dark tabby), sister of tiny Chopin, from yesterday. These two girls can get into friendly moods, but mostly, they like to keep to themselves. They are independant, even with each other.

(Left) Eins (dark tabby) was also a big help with my new building projects this week. He had me pick him up and show him around, as the new structures progressed.... He'd give me a big wet kiss on my nose, as approval, throughout the building phase.

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