Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gaia Looking for her 'Forever Home'

Gaïa was found in early August abandoned, hungry, thirsty and pregnant. This medium sized grey calico cat was grateful to have humans to take care of her and the five babies she had born on October 11th! They did not survive despite the foster family's devoted care and efforts.

Gaïa is a young, talkative, intelligent, funny & affectionate cat. She is already house trained and she enjoys having conversations with her people friends. When you get home from work, she will greet you at the door ready to ask you about your day. She will listen to you and make comments when appropriate. She likes to have her can of wet food at supper and will remind you if you forget or are a little late giving it to her. She shows her contentment through loud and prolonged purring sessions.

Having been outside, Gaïa still enjoys going outside. She handles wearing a harness and leash just to get the opportunity to take a walk outside and lay in the grass. She loves to cuddle, loves to have her belly rubbed, oh and she loves her treats! Best of all she prefers the belly rubs. She is gentle and loving to her humans, especially to children. The looks she gives you show pure love. If you wish to adopt Gaia contact the Cat Rescue Network at (613)820-7088 or via email to

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