Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sun filled weeks.... not just in the south!

(Left) Handsome big Parker (white/orange) is visiting us for the first time. As typical male oranges are, he's quite a friendly big boy. You never know where you'll find him next. He hasn't really established any real favorite hang outs.... He's still trying them all... He'll let us know by the weekend! Big Cutie.

(Left) Sushi (Lynx Point Siamese) had just finished his breakfast and was ready to jump up into his favorite hot air balloon. I think that this was his preferred sleeping spot last visit too. He's an interesting, beautiful boy.

(Left) I told Lillie's (Bengal) dad that I wouldn't get a picture of her on the blog til next week... but, I snuck this one in. She's too cute! What an amazing little climber. She's about 5 years old, but you can hold her in one hand.... So far, she loves all things 'height'.... airplane, loft, top of the tree houses.... This is a busy little Miss!

(Left) Toto (calico) is visiting me again, while her mom & dad are honeymooning in the sunny south... I tell you! What is it about this week?! She's a very gentle and calm cutie.

(Left) Our boy Chewbaca (dark tabby/white) passed out for the morning on one of his favorite big pillows. He's a social butterfly. He loves all people and other cats... Just call him Mr. Schmooze!

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