Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The young and the old of it.....

(Left) My little Buttercup Bunny went home yesterday. The cats will miss their staring contests, through the french door windows. I have never called any of the bunnies I get in ... Bugsy.... but it was a natural name to call Buttercup... She was a real charmer.

(Left) Yes, Jasper. (black) That is the same BigBird2.... No, Jasper. He is not on tonights dinner menu. BigBird2 loves to tease the cats. For the few cats that jump from the floor, to hang onto the mesh window screen, they get more than they bargained for, when BigBird comes right over and takes a bite of one of their toes..... or their nose. He is not fussy!

(Left) Raffie (grey & white) is getting quite old... I think he is around 18 years old now. He is still very active, a good jumper and he has an amazing appetite. He will be visiting with us for the coming weeks. When there is not wet food on offer, he is a calm, quiet and friendly little boy.

(Left) Lillie (Bengal) is, as I have already alluded to, an amazing little climber.... Here is more photo proof of that. Ok. This one is mine. I am sitting on it.... This bird is mine! She had so much fun with Sweetie (Siberian) and Jasper (black above). Do not worry Lillie. I have many more young playful kitties coming in, for the duration of your stay. I have even caught Gizmo playing with her.

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