Monday, November 30, 2009

One Kitty, two kitty, three kitty... know the rest!

(Left) 'What are you guys doing up there?!'... Shrodinger (black/white) watches as Simba & Gizmo jostle around, up in the spaceship. This is a chatty big marshmallow boy... He is very gentle and loves to sit beside me, like this, while I work on my laptop, on the counter space to the right of him. He is very good about not stepping on it... I think mom trained him like that.

(Left) Little Lillie Willie..... She puts so much energy and feisti-ness into her scratching post sessions.... She just met Monk & Kenji for the first time.... Oh, Mamma Mia..... Can you say 'Energy Plus'...?

(Left) Juliette (tortoise shell) was captured, out of her castle, rustling around on the floor with a few of her toy mice..... She is very funny, when she thinks that you aren't looking.... She turns into a crazy kitten...Very cute!

(Left) When Kuzia (dark tabby) isn't doing his floor work outs... He's protecting BigBird1 from any wayward kitties, with bad intentions.... This is a vocal big boy. He loves to talk. Often his voice sounds a bit harsh, but he's not.... He just likes toning....or, is that tuning!?

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