Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friends, friends, friends....

(Left) Tessie Wessie (dark tabby) is such a little goofy girl... with or without a camera in my hand.... She is very social and playful. She will be visiting us again for Christmas. I know that Tess is looking forward to seeing more of her old friends again.

(Left) Buttercup bunny is visiting us for the first time. She loves tearing up and down the hallway teasing all of the cats. She also is rather fond of her veggies. She makes fast work of a lettuce leaf. As bunnies go, she is very friendly and gentle.

(Left) There is my gorgeous girl Jane (dark tabby). She will be visiting us for Christmas this year as well. There are many cats that she will meet for the first time then. She is a calm little charmer that loves attention.

(Left) Little Lillie (Bengal) was real interested in our handsome boy, Parker (orange & white) this week. This was a typical picture of Lillie, following Parker around the group area. He did not seem to mind. It is never a bad thing to have adorable little girls follow you around. Right Parker!

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