Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lots more kitties coming tomorrow...

(Left) Our gorgeous little Tutti (dark tabby) is a first timer at the Pet B&B. She started out playing in the hay bails, in front of the big sunny windows... but, this morning, I caught her hangin out with BigBird1. She looooovvvess her neck scratches. She has settled in very quickly.

(Left) Jasper (black) popped in on Gizmo (grey & white) and his good buddy Sweetie (Siberian). Jasper was the last one standing, this morning. Sweetie and Gizmo were already Out! Jasper and Sweetie will meet up again at Christmas time..... Yah!... So will Simba & Gizmo, come to think of it!

(Left) I really think that Lillies dad should bring Lillie in for Christmas & New Years too... She would have so much fun with her old buddies and all her new ones... Here, she kept an eye on BigBird2, this time, from the front of his house... vs. .. from his roof top.

(Left) You know that they are comfortable when...... What do you think.. Is Frankie (black & white) looking kinda comfy, right about now. He did open one eye, ever so slightly, to see what I was doing, but figured his pose was already cute enough.... no need to alter his position further.

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